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Why The Academia Is Mean To Conservatives: A Listicle

Vedran Smailović playing cello in the ruins of the Sarajevo library; photo by Mikhail Evstafiev

Library of Sarajevo, 1992. Muscular and ethnic identitarian ideas well-represented.

Why are American colleges and universities so liberal? That’s one college-related question you hear right-wingers ask often.  “Why are there so few conservative professors?” is another.  Why are conservative viewpoints not being taught?  Why are college students so “intolerant” of free speech, specifically speech that advocates white “identitarianism” and “political incorrectness”? Why are the academia such snowflakes?

Now, I could go into great detail about how conservatives actually do have a sizable (and loud) presence on college campuses, and how extreme allegations about colleges “indoctrinating” students or “teaching communism” come from people who have never set foot in the academia. But, while this is true, I want to acknowledge that at the end of the day, the academia does lean markedly left. The purpose of this entry isn’t to dispute the degree of the lean; it’s to explain why it leans left at all.  So if you are a conservative and you are wondering why college students and teachers are generally hostile to conservatism,  here is your multipart answer.

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A Liberal Responds to a Conservative’s “Divorce Agreement for America”

There is a pretty awful, but amusing piece of writing being sent around in chain e-mails and praised to high heaven on various conservative boards and blogs. Appearing with minor variations, it purports to be a “Divorce Agreement” for dividing the United States between conservatives and liberals. It is supposedly written by one “John J. Wall”, who may or may not be a real person and may or may not be studying law in what may or may not be an accredited U.S. law school. I’ve heard of it before, but having received it in an e-mail this weekend past, I thought I’d write a response. Read more…

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