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Some More Things To Think About This Election Season: The “Empathy For The Trump Voter” Edition

jheronimus_bosch_table_of_the_mortal_sins_iraWith only a couple of days to go before the election, I look back on this unspeakably hideous political season, and I realize its main theme in public discourse (other than that email nonsense) was how badly progressives like me fail to understand/appreciate/love the Trump voter.  In spite of copious coverage, people who are voting Trump are deemed forgotten and ignored by the elitist media.  And so in the spirit of the times, I’d like to add the following three items to this election’s installment of Six Things I Want Every Politically Opinionated Person To Take To Heart: Read more…


Being Hostile to Immigrants Has Everything To Do With Race and Class

I’ve spent more than two decades living in one of the most diverse cities on the planet, and I am a naturalized US citizen. As a result, I think I know pretty well what the word “immigrant” means.

There are quite a few British people living in New York City (to the point where there was an effort last year, albeit unsuccessful, to designate a certain Manhattan neighborhood as “Little Britain”). Many of them are, legally speaking, resident aliens. Some of them are even (again, legally speaking) illegal aliens. And yet, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who refers to Brits as “immigrants”. Instead, they are known as “expatriates” or “expats”. Read more…

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