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Six More Things I Want Every Politically Opinionated Person To Take To Heart

Law_speakerDuring the previous presidential election cycle, I wrote a post entitled 12 Things I Want Every Politically Opinionated Person To Take To Heart, in which I discussed some of the most irritating absurdities of American politics.  Now that we are going through this thing again, here is a follow-up.

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Five Issues American Politics Should Confront, But Won’t

It’s the election season, so once again, we are talking about abortion. Worse, we are talking about contraception now, and the extent to which “God” should be part of an American party’s platform. Truly, if someone from another planet or someone who has been living under a rock looked at our election-season haranguing, that person would get the impression that America has no problems to speak of, what with so many people worrying so much about other people’s genitals and the respect accorded or not accorded to their imaginary sky-being of choice.

And yet America has got problems — big ones. The powers that be, as well as much of the American public, aren’t interested in them, because it’s much easier and more fun to draw in supporters by tapping into something inflammatory, like sex, or something lurid, like extra sexy, guilt-free sex. In fact, as I’ve written previously, ignoring pressing issues in favor of obsessing over sex and such is one of the weaknesses of democratic regimes.

In a perfect world, here are five things I would really want politicians and voters to focus on: Read more…

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