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Myths and Illusions: The Myth of Warrior Wisdom

800px-0NevrevNV_Oprichniki_BISHI’ve been taking a hiatus from blogging to a large extent because I’m going through one of those times when I’m Disgusted With Everything. You know; it’s an election year.  And so, it is perhaps from that feeling of general disgust that I am going to kiss the third rail of modern American culture, the adulation of the military to the point of assigning its members superior experience in matters that have nothing to do with warfare.

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On Antonin Scalia’s (In)Famous Dissents

Sorry, I couldn't resist: I do think THIS is where Scalia would have been most at home.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist: I do think THIS is where Scalia would have been most at home.

What a great week last week was for America! I am talking about, of course, the Supreme Court decisions upholding the Affordable Care Act and the Fair Housing Act, as well as finding same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional. (I mean, yes, upholding the death penalty still sucked, but we take what we can.) Yet on some level, it was an irritating week too, due to primarily all the fawning over the world’s most overrated jurist, Antonin Scalia. Read more…

Do Not Talk To Cops

Francisco Goya, "Scene from an Inquisition" (c. 1800)Via. I have a public service announcement: Read more…


The Fallen Pillar

Over at Gin and Tacos, there is a question — rhetorical, of course — whether the Supreme Court can be trusted to invalidate a law that would allow the government to detain people without according them due process. Constitutional challenges to due process violations, filed during the Bush years, have not seen much vindication in the courts, even while the same period of time saw an unprecedented, purportedly grass-roots, assault on the judiciary — and more specifically, its lack of “accountability” to the public. The lesson to the courts is clear: you may weather the storm in something like the Terry Schiavo case, but God help you if you dare frustrate the wishes of the public when it comes to fighting terrorists. Read more…


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