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Quit Squawking About Valentine’s Day: A Postcard to the Outraged

Bitching about Valentine's day:  an art form since 1849.There was a time (back in the early fourteenth century) when I used to “protest” Valentine’s Day by wearing the most funereal black I could find in my mom’s closet. Most of my teenage years were embarrassingly boyfriendless, so naturally, I spent the day annoying the hell out of countless people with an umpteen-millionth account of who the real, historical St. Valentine was, and condescending banter about how stupid Valentine’s Day is. I thought it was very clever, edgy and original of me. But there came a point when I stopped doing that. You know why? Because I grew the hell up. Read more…

Stupidity And Guns: A Winning Combo

One of Josef Lada's illustrations to Jaroslav Hasek's novel "The Good Soldier Svejk"Recent news:Hero sniper Chris Kyle and friend murdered at a firing range.

Oh, crap.

You know? This NEVER would have happened if Chris Kyle and his friend had their own … No, wait. Let me start again. This NEVER would have happened if other people at that range had g… Oh. Right. Okay, I guess I need a few minutes to think of ways to blame this disaster on librul gun control and there being not enough guns to stop the bad guy. Hmm. I got one, I got one, I got one! Do you REALLY think the murderer wouldn’t have been able to murder Chris Kyle and that other guy had he been armed with a spoon instead of a gun? Where there is a will, there is obviously a way, and when there is a will, it doesn’t matter if it’s executed with a rifle or a breadstick. This murder could just as easily have occurred at an Olive Garden.

Honest, I am not gloating. I’m not that horrible. To be frank, Chris Kyle never looked to me like the kind of person with whom I’d enjoy sitting down to dinner, but he had a family, and this is obviously very tragic for them. The other murder victim seemed like a swell guy, and he likewise left behind a widow and children. Plus, they died while, apparently, trying to help out a friend, albeit in a really half-assed way. It’s awful, and I wish it hadn’t happened. But those sad circumstances don’t change the fact that Chris Kyle is a stellar candidate for a Darwin Award. You see, Kyle and his friend took the perpetrator, a former Marine, to the firing range in order to help him “work through” his PTSD. Erath County Sheriff referred to what Kyle was doing as “therapy”. Take a moment to let that sink in: gun therapy. Read more…

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