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Colorado Springs is Warming Up to Big Government Now That The Place is Burning Down

I have a very misanthropic friend who likes to say: “Calamity is the teacher of fools.” I am beginning to think that perhaps he is overly optimistic. Fools are fundamentally incapable of learning anything, even from disaster.

Wildfires raging in Colorado are now eating away at the city of Colorado Springs. At least one person is dead, 346 homes and 34 streets have been destroyed, and thousands of people have been evacuated – although, this being Colorado Springs(see below), I am not sure what exactly those evacuation efforts entailed, other than people simply running for their lives. Mayor Steve Bach, a conservative who campaigned on the Tea-Party darling issue of “small government”, has told residents that he appreciates the President coming to the city, and that he plans to ask for money. Federal money. Evil money. Socialist-communist-fascist money. Read more…

Isn’t it time for freedom FROM religion?

When Republican-controlled state legislatures began enacting laws allowing pharmacists to withhold contraception, we were told that druggists’ “freedom of religion” necessitated imposing needless inconveniences on patients, including rape victims. When cases began cropping up of pharmacists not only refusing contraception, but holding on to prescriptions, we were told their “freedom of religion” was more important than whatever damages resulted to patients from having to obtain duplicate ones. When Republicans were screeching about the rule requiring parochial employers to provide insurance for contraception, we were told that religious people’s “freedom of religion” was more important than others’ autonomy, health and even life.

And so it’s no surprise that it has now come to this: a crazed religious fundamentalist jail guard, whose “freedom of religion” required nothing less than an ability to force a detained rape victim — a victim of a violent crime totally and absolutely within the guard’s power — to bear her rapist’s child. Read more…

Anders Breivik Says He Is Sane. I Believe Him.

With his trial now in its 11th week, the prosecutors of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian white supremacist and terrorist who killed nearly eighty people last year, most of them children and teenagers, are claiming that he is insane and asking the court to remand him to a psychiatric facility. Psychiatric evaluations prepared in the course of Breivik’s prosecution are mixed at best. Earlier attempts to characterize him as a paranoid schizophrenic have now largely been abandoned. At this stage, the prosecution and its experts are low-balling it, throwing out, blunderbuss-style, such possibilities as Asperger’s syndrome,Tourette’s syndrome, narcissistic personality disorder and psychotic personality disorder, although I am not sure that last one is even a recognized diagnosis. Anyway, what a pack of nonsense. Read more…

Breaking News: Moral Conservatives are [Blanking] [Blanks]. Also: V*a*g*i*n*a.

As you probably have heard, last week, a female Michigan lawmaker was banned from speaking by that state’s House Republicans, whose tender sensibilities were offended when she uttered the word “vagina”. This recalls to mind last year’s incident in the Florida House of Representatives, when Republicans threw a hissy fit over one of their Democrat colleagues saying the word “uterus”. Read more…

What Does This Movie Mean? Fabián Bielinsky’s “The Aura” (2005)

Since it’s Friday, I’ll post another one of my quick movie interpretation blurbs. Spoilers follow; otherwise, enjoy.

Today, we visit the haunting wilderness of Patagonia. I expect Hollywood to do a remake of this one sometime in the next ten years. It will probably be set in Alaska. Read more…

Royalty, Schmoyalty: An Eye-Rolling Post

Who cares what some old lady and her brood are wearing? Seriously? Or rather, why do so many people care so damned much? Is it respect for something supposedly greater than themselves? Veneration of a mummified corpse of an institution that endured for millenia? Honoring a national tradition? Even if the answer to all these is “yes”, I still see the fawning over the Queen & Co’s outfits and the minutiae of their lives as not just tacky, but simply incomprehensible. Read more…

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